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KMFBio Services


Due Diligence

  • Full evaluation of science, technology, IP, and management for projects and investment opportunities
  • Scientific and technical due diligence for in-licensing and out-licensing
  • Evaluation of strategic partnerships, collaborations, and business models

Reality Check

  • A quick and objective evaluation of an issue, IP, or project when unbiased external input is needed and/or before committing to full due diligence

Strategy, Planning, and Fundraising

  • Fundraising from private sector investment to government grants
  • Institutional partnering and corporate/business development
  • Development of business plans and grant applications

Teaching, coaching and mentoring services on many subjects related to biotechnology, genomics, and small molecule therapeutics and biologics.

  • Lectures and Conference Presentations

  • Scientific Advisory Boards, Review Panels and Discussion Groups

  • Seminars and Workshops

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