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Klaus Fiebig - Biotech Consultant

Klaus Fiebig founded KMFBio Inc. in 2013 to support biotech and life science consulting efforts with emphasis on:

  • High value disease areas; agriculture and environment
  • Advanced life science technologies, bio-informatics, and genomics
  • Fundraising and grant writing support for large projects, consortia, and centres
  • Business planning and strategy development for industry, biotech, and entrepreneurs
  • Dr. Fiebig founded KMFBio Inc. with 14 years of leadership experience across industry (5 years), academia (2 years), and the non-for-profit sector (7 years):

    CSO & VP of Research Programs at the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI), Toronto. Dr. Fiebig led OGI's program management team and was responsible for its research project portfolio of 60+ large scale projects valued at more than CAD $800 Million. He cultivated relations with academic institutions, principal investigators, and external funding sources, and managed OGI's efforts to support new project development.

    Senior Director of Structural Biology and Computational Chemistry at Affinium Pharmaceuticals, Toronto. Led Affinium's structural biology and computational chemistry teams and was responsible for supporting internal antibiotic drug discovery programs. Dr. Fiebig also directed a 20-person strategic alliance with Pfizer valued at $30 Million US that focused on structural proteomics and structure-based drug discovery of more than 50 anti-infective targets.

    Co-founder and CEO of MRPharm GmbH, Frankfurt. MRPharm was a biotech startup with focus on NMR-based drug discovery which was spun out of a joint academic-industry drug discovery project between the University of Frankfurt and Aventis Pharma which was led by Dr. Fiebig. Prior to MRPharm Dr. Fiebig was a lead scientist with Xencor Inc., Los Angeles, responsible for improving Xencor's computational platform for protein design.

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    Klaus Fiebig will be attending the following events:

    1st Zebrafish for Personalized/Precision Medicine Conference
    Toronto, Canada - Oct 16-18, 2013

    Best Practice In Life Science Start-Up
    Berlin, Germany - May 23, 2013

    Global Biomarker Conference 2013
    Toronto, Canada - April 26, 2013

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    Dr. Fiebig received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UC San Francisco and his undergraduate degree in Physics from the Technical University Munich. Supported by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, he completed postdoctoral research in protein folding at the University of Oxford and work in structural biology at Yale University

    KMFBio Inc. provides scientific intelligence, strategic advice, and technical opinions to managers and principal investigators in biotechnology, finance, pharmaceutical, and academia. Special emphasis is on high value disease groups, advanced life science technologies, genomics, and bio-informatics.

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