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Klaus Fiebig, Ph.D. - Biography and Credentials

Klaus Fiebig, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder, KMFBio Inc.

Dr. Fiebig is a well-respected professional in genomics, drug discovery, biotechnology, and science funding. As entrepreneur he has founded two companies and has extensive work experience in biotech startups, academia, and government not-for-profit settings. He has authored over 20 refereed papers and book chapters and is an inventor on 3 granted US patent families.

Strategic design and funding of large scale research projects. From 2006 to 2013 as CSO and VP Research Programs at the Ontario Genomics Institute (Toronto) Dr. Fiebig

  • provided strategic advice and input during the conception of hundreds of large scale research projects; and
  • was responsible for a project portfolio totaling more than $800M in federal, provincial, industry and private investments.

Large scale research management. While at Affinium Pharmaceuticals (Toronto) as Senior Director, Structural Biology and Computational Chemistry (2002-2006), as CEO of MRPharm GmbH (Frankfurt) (2001-2002), and as group leader at the Goethe University, Frankfurt (1999-2001) Dr. Fiebig was responsible for two large collaborations with leading Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Affinium-Pfizer collaboration. Dr. Fiebig was the Affinium lead of this US $30M, 20 FTE, 3 year joint project with Pfizer Inc. focusing on structure based drug discovery on 50 Pfizer anti-infective targets. Dr. Fiebig was also responsible for Affinium's internal structural biology and computational chemistry efforts on 8 internal targets.
  • Frankfurt University collaboration with Aventis SA. Dr. Fiebig built up and led this US $5.5M, 8 FTE research effort focused on NMR based drug screening. Drug targets from all major disease groups (including oncology, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases) of high value to Aventis sites in Frankfurt, Vitry (near Paris), and Bridgewater (New Jersey) were screened. This collaboration resulted in the spin-out of MRPharm GmbH as a fee-for-service NMR based screening provider for industry and biotech.

Technical Expertise. Dr. Fiebig's broad technical expertise ranges from drug discovery and development to genomics, bioinformatics, and associated technologies.

  • Drug discovery - small molecules. More than 5 years of biotech experience in drug screening (MRPharm GmbH) and structure based drug design (Affinium) on a multitude of drug targets in oncology, metabolic, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases.
  • Drug discovery - biologics. While at Xencor Inc. (Pasadena) from 1998-1999, Dr. Fiebig improved Xencor's automated protein automated (PDA) technology and was engaged in computational protein design of new and improved biologics for several high value targets. While at the Ontario Genomics Institute Dr. Fiebig was OGI's representative on the Scientific Advisory Board of several large scale projects aiming to discover new therapeutic antibodies for cancer.
  • Genomics, Protein Design, Bioinformatics, and associated technologies. Before taking on increasingly senior roles in industry Dr. Fiebig has had a diverse academic career. From his undergraduate work in Physics and a PhD degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from UC San Francisco to postdoctoral work characterizing unfolded proteins (Oxford University) and the protein folding mechanism leading to membrane fusion (Yale University) he has gained a wealth of computational and analytic skills.

Dr. Fiebig's Bio and CV are available for download here.

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